By @dollhousedubai “Henna body art!” Loooves it!!! I thinks ill get this after my wraps regiment is done!

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'Bout to watch the game with my big man Jay….Mommie still love it just like I did when he was born!!! Still my roll dog bow wow!! #singlemom #hustler #myreasonforlife

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Can’t wait to do this real soon in the Pacific By @cleonie_beachwear “Underwater love affair || #playtime #loveaffair #cleonie #swimwear #australianmade #abikiniaday #onlinenow #shopcleonie #beachlife #mermaid #wanderlust”

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This give me life

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Golden hour | West Village, NYC

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Just beautiful and amazing talent at its best!!

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daily reminder:

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Unarmed Teen Killed by police in St Louis! He was suppose to start his first day of college today! #mikebrown

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"The picture the national news won’t show!"
…because that’s not Michael Brown.

it’s already past 40k notes and this is tumblr lol give up

let em feel like they’re making a difference without having to do any work whatsoever, even when it comes to research

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